I have made this necklace in honor of Stray Cat Alliance and want to share my profit with them.  If you donate $20 to www.straycatalliance.org, you can have this necklace for $20. Push BLUE button to donate directly to Stray Cat Alliance.

May 18, 2017 - straycatalliance.org i did a live facebook auction and raised over $500 between my donation and the jewelry i gave away for a donation.  In addition, a donor matched my amount so the total donated was almost $1100.

March, 2017 - straycatalliance.org i did a live facebook auction and raised almost $1000 for the babies at stray cat alliance by giving away my jewelry in exchange for a donation.

September 29, 2016 - straycatalliance.org had a charity event called Ravishing Rescues for a 2017 calendar contest and MY Bluebee won!  He will be featured in one of the months!  I was able to raise $480, with the help of my facebook friends.  Stray Cat Alliance is non-profit and raises money to spay/neuter stray cats, along with helping to find homes for these sweet babies.  Any donation, small or large, is appreciated!  (www.straycatalliance.org)

August 4, 2016 Alex and Ani matched any donation to the ASPCA 100%.  That weekend, between the sales of my $5 ASPCA donation ring at the SB Arts & Craft show and by giving away jewelry to people who would make a donation, I was able to raise $1200 for the animals!!!

October 25, 2015 I ran a half marathon for ASPCA to raise money for animals.  I, by myself, raised $1700.  My group, ASPCA, raised a total of $225,000.00.  The animals DO NOT have a voice like WE do!  Please, help me to help THEM be heard...without OUR help, they have NO ONE!  I will not tolerate cruelity towards any animal!  By seeing my strength by running 13 miles and raising the money, I know this cause is MY dharma in life.  I will not stop helping them...this is why "I" was put on this earth...

Stray Cat Alliance

Chris Ward Jewelry

Other ways YOU helped me to raise money for the Stray Cat Alliance and ASPCA

*back of charm

*this is my first tattoo EVER!

Sterling silver necklace with "love my cat" charm and gemstone.  Length 16 1/2"  $20   (if you need longer, tell me at checkout)