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Stray Cat Alliance

I have made this necklace in honor of Stray Cat Alliance and want to share my profit with them.  If you donate $20 to, you can have this necklace for $20. Push BLUE button to donate directly to Stray Cat Alliance.

Sterling silver necklace with "love my cat" charm and gemstone.  Length 16 1/2"  $20   (if you need longer, tell me at checkout)

Other ways YOU helped me to raise money for the Stray Cat Alliance and ASPCA

Sept 16, 2017 -  I donated 7 pieces of my jewelry for their silent auction and raised $1200.  I attended the 7th Annual Fur Ball and met Jackson Galaxy, Cat from hell on animal planet, along with so many awesome "cat-loving" people! I also donated $450 of my "if you give me a donation, i'll give you a ring" money.  ANYTHING FOR THE ANIMALS!!!!

May 18, 2017 - i did a live facebook auction and raised over $500 between my donation and the jewelry i gave away for a donation.  In addition, a donor matched my amount so the total donated was almost $1100.

March, 2017 - i did a live facebook auction and raised almost $1000 for the babies at stray cat alliance by giving away my jewelry in exchange for a donation.

September 29, 2016 - had a charity event called Ravishing Rescues for a 2017 calendar contest and MY Bluebee won!  He will be featured in one of the months!  I was able to raise $480, with the help of my facebook friends.  Stray Cat Alliance is non-profit and raises money to spay/neuter stray cats, along with helping to find homes for these sweet babies.  Any donation, small or large, is appreciated!  (

August 4, 2016 Alex and Ani matched any donation to the ASPCA 100%.  That weekend, between the sales of my $5 ASPCA donation ring at the SB Arts & Craft show and by giving away jewelry to people who would make a donation, I was able to raise $1200 for the animals!!!

October 25, 2015 I ran a half marathon for ASPCA to raise money for animals.  I, by myself, raised $1700.  My group, ASPCA, raised a total of $225,000.00.  The animals DO NOT have a voice like WE do!  Please, help me to help THEM be heard...without OUR help, they have NO ONE!  I will not tolerate cruelity towards any animal!  By seeing my strength by running 13 miles and raising the money, I know this cause is MY dharma in life.  I will not stop helping them...this is why "I" was put on this earth...